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Premium Listing (New)

Premium Listing (New)

NOTE If you signed up for a Directory Listing at a seminar or event, we have your order - please do not place another order.

IMPORTANT! AFTER ORDERING...You will need to email us your Premium Page information (Contact Info, Biography and Photo) before we can schedule your page for completion. Please review the following Guidelines and submit your information promptly.

Biography Guidelines - Your bio should read fluidly, and should generally be no longer than 225 words. We suggest that you:

  • Identify where you live and/or practice Reconnective Healing®
  • Describe how and when you became involved or learned about Reconnective Healing®
  • Describe how long you've been practicing Reconnective Healing
  • Describe any other professional licenses you might have (e.g., nursing, doctorates, masters, etc)

Photo Guidelines - Please send us a simple picture of you that you proudly want presented to the world. Your photo should capture your essence. We suggest that you submit a close-up or upper-body portrait, taken with a digital camera. We will resize and or crop the photo in order to present you in the highest light.

Attach your bio and your photo to an email message to

NEED HELP OR MORE INFO? Please see the Directory Ordering Frequently asked questions.

YOU AGREEThe act by you of purchasing this listing provides Eric Pearl, The Reconnection, LLC and their associates with permission to place your contact information on the Online Reconnective Healing Practitioner™ Directory web page, subject to provided terms and guidelines.

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Refund/Return Policy for Product and Merchandise

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All purchases, whether of a physical good, service, software or downloadable product made at a The Reconnection on-site store are non-refundable. No exchanges; all sales on-site are final.

Products provided and/or sold by The Reconnection’s partners, event organizers, promoters or otherwise affiliated parties are subject to the return policy of the respective other party.


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